Supply list

Supply list:

Painted bring your own supplies plus paper towels and oderless spirits.  Easels are provided.
Acrylic bring paper towels and water container.

Paint for Oil and Acrylic(tube paint)
Stores go to Michaels, Ac Moore,Hobby Lobby Michis on merto, or through Jerrysartarama catlog on line.

Titanum white
Ivory black
Pthalo blue
Ultramarine blue
Cadmium yellow light
Alizarin Crimson
Cadmium red Light(if it looks to orange go to Cadmium red med.)

Canvas papern in a pad  8x10 or 9x12
Filbert brushes soft and bristle.(sm brush for detail and mediums and large)
jar with lid for oil
white palette (plastic white plates )
oderless spirits for oil
pallete knife
drawing pad, #2 pencil,ruler and pink eraser
Questions can email me at

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